New president of The Association of Lithuanian automobilists (LAS) has been elected

Visuotinis susirininkimasA new president of LAS Saulius Kundrotas was elected for a four years tenure by members of LAS in the annual meeting on March 2016. A new team has been formed during the general meeting: Vicepresident Tomas Būdvytis, Presidium member of LAS Roadside  assistance committee chairman Šarūnas Jankauskas, LAS Autosport’s and oldtimer cars’ committee chairman Rimantas Volungevičius. LAS President Saulius Kundrotas in collaboration with his teamTomas Būdvytis, Šarūnas Jankauskas and Rimantas Volungevičius will seek to duly represent LAS’s interests.    

The President of LAS Saulius Kundrotas has presented ambitious plan called “VISION ZERO” for traffic safety in Lithuania in the future.

“Zero is the number of death crashes that shoud be reached in this technology era” stated new LAS president.

“Cars are the passion of the people around the world. Cars are the symbol of freedom, culture and social progress. A mobility of people gives an impulse to economics and welfare. The growth of economics leads to traffic loads what means more pollution, more noise, and more car accidents in which people are injured or killed. One million and two hundred thousands of people die in car accidents around the world annually.

Why, despite the huge number of deaths during car accidents, elementary traffic safety is ignored?!” rhetorically asks LAS president.

“It doesn’t matter which type of vehicle we choose to reach our destination, most of car accidents are caused by human mistake.

We cannot tolerate any of crash death in this technology era. We need to realize that technologies created by scientists and engineers can make our “VISION ZERO” to be reality.

Number zero should change our minds in that way that the cruel counter which counts one million and two hundred thousands of death in the car accidents should slow down and stop when it reaches zero.

The infrastructure of the traffic is designed for maximum performance and often a mistake made by driver cannot be cancelled.

We need to realize that we by ourselves cannot be guaranteed that we will not make a mistake. We have to trust scientists and give them and engineers a task and responsibility to make traffic safety solutions both on the road and in the car.

Human mistakes on the road are understandable while car safety system’s errors are not acceptable.

To reach ambitious destination “VISION ZERO” Lithuanian automobilists’ association has obligated the following:

LAS Drivers and professional education schools committee’s strategic task will be to educate beginnerlevel drivers to be more conscious about traffic safety, to help professional drivers who work in enlarged risk areas.

LAS Autosport’s/oldtimer cars’ committee’s strategic task will be to join all adrenaline and amateur car sports fans and organize car racing, drift, etc., events in safe places under control of professionals, where all adrenaline and amateur racers could participate without risking others’ life.

LAS Roadside assistance committee’s strategic task will be to collect statistical data about car accidents, their reasons, other technical details and to pass these data to statisticians for analysis. The committee will be responsible for monitoring of vehicles’ technical condition, to propagate new technologies which can help in saving lives on the road, to help people to complete their journey after car accident has happened.

“I, as a new LAS president, will take care of new traffic safety systems to be adopted in our country. I will also initiate working groups that will take care of organizing and coordinating projects for traffic safety. My destiny is to unite state institutions and organizations, profit organizations and individuals to raise safety on the road together.

There were 1173 death crashes in Lithuania through 1991. The last year, i.e. 2015, was the best during period from 1991 with 241 deaths during car crashes. But can we call it “the best”?!

Sometimes we ask ourselves: what number of deaths during car crashes should be the limit? Should it be 200, or 100, or 50 people? Now let’s change one thing: let’s say that deaths during car crashes should be reduced not to one person, but to the death of one familiar or beloved. When this statistical person has a name, he is no more a statistics but someone's bereavement. And now the answer to our question comes ZERO.

Zero is the number of deaths during car crashes and this vision must become a reality.


We can reach “VISION ZERO” only working together!


LAS President Saulius Kundrotas


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